Reflective Stickers

reflective sticker header3M Reflective Sticker is the leading  reflective sheeting in the United States. Pressure sensitive adhesive with easy release liner, very easy to apply, printable, cuttable with a plotter, provides high level of reflectivity and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  We carry four grades of this brand in 2ft and 4ft width.

Commercial Grade – For indoor signs, traffic signs, and temporary construction signs with same appearance day and night.

Engineering Grade – Designed for commercial and noncritical traffic signs. Higher reflectivity than commercial grade.

High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) – Ideal for outdoor traffic and parking signs. Longer and higher reflectivity than the two above. Day and Night reflectivity.

Diamond Grade – Designed for long-term road signs and traffic signs that require high reflectivity in daytime.

Mactac Commercial Grade Reflective Sticker is the no. 1 choice in reflective sheeting in Europe. Equip with high quality clear solvent based permanent acrylic adhesive. Printable and Cuttable with a plotter.  Designed for all day reflectivity. 4 to 5 years durability based on real life experience.  Dry and wet application.

Kiwalite Reflective Sticker is the pioneer in reflective sheeting in Japan. Available in wide range of colors.   Ideal for outdoor use such as working zone signs and street signs. For dry and wet application. Printable and cuttable by plotter.

China Engineering Grade Reflective Sticker is the common economic choice. Very affordable with high reflectivity.  Designed for temporary indoor and outdoor reflective signages. Wide range of color selection. Printable and cuttable with plotter.

China High Intensity Prismatic Sheet (HIP)  is your choice if you want a day and night reflectivity that would cost you less. Honey comb like reflective sticker. Ideal for outdoor signs and noncritical signs.